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BD Research Reagent Product Notice


BD has initiated a voluntary product notification of a subset of Research Use Only (RUO) single vial reagents with fluorophores shipped on or after May 16, 2016. BD recommends that customers discard any remaining inventory of these items and request a replacement or, until replacement products are available, perform quality control using biological cells per their standard protocol. Additionally, BD recommends that customers review any data that may have been generated using products from the affected product list. Product degradation from prolonged light exposure has the potential to result in reduced signal intensity that may cause changes in cell staining patterns, lower quantitative values for positive populations or no signal. In the case of tandem dyes, it may also result in changes to the values in the fluorescence spectral overlap matrix for the reagent.

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Connor L. Bates
Global Leader, Research Solutions

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John Fischer
Plant Manager, Life Science Research Reagents

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